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Joondalup Clinic
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Additional Services

Additional Services

Physical Solutions offers a number of additional services. Contact us if you are interested in any of the following.

Personal Training

If you are having trouble trying to motivate yourself, are in need of a new, exciting and relevant exercise program or would like the feedback and overview of expert eyes why not attend personal training sessions available at the clinic.

We offer small group classes, with a maximum of 4 people, or one-on-one sessions with our highly qualified physiotherapists or exercise physiologists, who will teach you how to perform your own injury prevention program.  Meeting your needs is our goal, so to achieve this a 1 hour initial movement analysis is conducted.  From this analysis your health professional will prescribe an exercise rehabilitation program tailored specifically to you.  This will take numerous factors into consideration such as; previous injury history, joint range of motion, muscle strength, muscle length, functional movement capability, biomechanics, stability and balance ability, fitness levels and importantly, the goals that you are setting out to achieve.

In the implementation of an exercise or rehabilitation program, executing the exercises effectively and correctly are essential in injury management and prevention.  With the guidance of our physiotherapists or exercise physiologists in implantation you can be certain that you will be receiving the highest level of care with your best interests at heart.



Video Conferencing Consultations

Don’t let distance be a barrier to your rehabilitation. Why not allow one of our team of post-graduate physiotherapists assess you? At Physical Solutions, we are happy to consult with you via video conferencing (Skype, FaceTime etc.) to help you diagnose your injury and/or highlight areas that require attention to prevent further injury. Our physiotherapists will liaise with your local physiotherapist or teach you to self manage your condition where possible. Exercise prescription and treatment goals can be emailed to you to ensure you get the most from your consult. Please note: an additional fee may apply for this service.


Physiotherapy and Exercise Rehabilitation Education

In order to ensure our clients receive the best, evidence based treatment and rehabilitation, we pride ourselves on our commitment to lifelong learning. Gaining critical exposure in a clinical environment such as Physical Solutions during your studies will certainly be beneficial to your future endeavors. With over 20 years of experience, our mentors can assist you in linking the dots between theory and clinical practice. Please contact our Managing Director, Sharrie for further discussion. Please note: fees may apply.


Weight Loss Management

At Physical Solutions we have highly trained staff who can assist in developing an individualized and specific exercise program to ensure you are on track for weight loss success. Click here for more info.

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