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Joondalup Clinic
(08) 6119 9129

About Physical Solutions

About Physical Solutions

At Physical Solutions, we describe our approach as ‘tomorrow’s treatment today’. We work with you to understand the causes and drivers of your issue, applying our expertise to create a comprehensive treatment program. We believe that by targeting causes, rather than symptoms, and applying the most clinically appropriate treatment, we can support your recovery now and prevent the problems of tomorrow.

We are an experienced team of Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists, specialising in shoulder, hip, knee and spine treatments. Our treatment programs are based on the latest research and clinical practices in orthopaedic rehabilitation, and acute injury and chronic disease management.

Why do our patients recommend Physical Solutions?

Our patients choose Physical Solutions as they are looking for a complete solution to their injury and health concerns. We excel at treating people who are considering surgery to treat significant physical health challenges, such as restricted movement and severe pain.

Our trusted team members are known for their professional and supportive approach, ability to develop tailored solutions and delivery of immediate and sustained results.

Communication is an essential part of our practice. We spend time working with our patients to ensure they are comfortable with their treatment programs, understand the rationale for each step and can confidently perform every exercise. We believe this is an important part of achieving better outcomes for our patients.

We have successfully assisted thousands of people in restoring movement and strength, avoiding surgery and returning to the lifestyles and leisure activities they previously enjoyed.

To learn more about how we can assist you in reaching your recovery and health goals, contact us today.

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