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Joondalup Clinic
(08) 6119 9129

Speciality Shoulder Treatment

Speciality Shoulder Treatment

What is so good about Physical Solutions’ approach?

We give you the right treatment, not a band-aid solution. When you visit us, we do our best to correct your problem, permanently.

If you have not seen benefit from previous treatment, we will work out the cause of your injury

Physical Solutions staff have post-graduate training in shoulder rehabilitation and specialise in shoulder injury physiotherapy.

We maintain a national network of orthopaedic surgeons, GPs, sports doctors and other physiotherapists to help us get the best outcome for your shoulder.

What is so good about the right treatment?

  • The right treatment will correct the problem permanently.
  • The right treatment requires a thorough assessment of your shoulder.
  • The right treatment includes an active rehabilitation program designed specifically for you.

What is so important about shoulders?

Shoulders are an integral part of movement, transferring load from the lower limbs, pelvis, back, to the hand. It is essential for stability and motion. So the shoulder can often be injured when muscle imbalances occur.


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