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Joondalup Clinic
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Joondalup Clinic
(08) 6119 9129

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

Looking to get stronger and more powerful?

Looking to become faster, quicker and more agile?

Book in for a strength and conditioning session with Alex. Alex is a university qualified strength coach with a large range of sporting experience including AFL, High Diving, Swimming, Tennis and Martial Arts.

Alex will work with you to develop and individualised program to further your strength, fitness and performance goals. You will be movement screened to expose your biomechanical inefficiencies, from which specific exercises will be incorporated into your program to produce the best results possible.

According to your goals, your program can involve strength work, both through body weight and weighted exercises, fitness work, through the development of your required energy system, and mobility and flexibility work that your body needs.

Programs developed can involve

  • Movement screening and assessment
  • Improving biomechanics and technique
  • Moving freely and unrestricted
  • Improving strength, fitness, flexibility and power
  • Better sporting performance

Book in for your sessions now and feel the difference!




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